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ESI Telephone Systems: “IVX 128 and 128 Plus”

ESI. IVX, DP1, EKT-A, IVX 20, IVX 20 Plus, 128, 128 Plus

ESI DP1 IVX Speakerphone

A few years later the IVX 128 came out. This was an expandable system that could go to 128 voice processing ports. The IVX 128 expanded from its basic six-line, twelve-station configuration. By adding an additional four cards you could handle as many as 66 CO lines and 84 Digital and or Analog stations. Keep in mind though the 126 call processing port maximum (128, minus paging and modem ports)


For offices with higher phone line needs you could upgrade to the 128 Plus. With the 128 Plus you gained less expensive T1 and PRI phone lines through the installation of one or two DLC12 cards.


The phones used were the DP1 16 key two-line display speakerphone and the 64 key Direct Station Selection (DSS) console. Incidentally these phones, except the DSS console, are compatible with everything ESI has produced over the years, up to and including what is being produced by ESI today: The C-Class Executive, and the following ESI Communication Servers: CS 50L, CS 50, CS 100, CS 200 and others.


The cards that were available for the 128 and 128 Plus were the 612, 684, D12 and A12. With the 128 Plus upgrade you now had the ability to have T1 or PRI support with the DLC12 card. Also, now available, was VoIP Remote Phone Access and Multi-Site configurations. The cards that made that possible were the Local Network Card (LNC), Remote Network Card (RNC) and the Esi-Link Remote Network Card (ELRNC).


Some key features are as follows:

  • Extensive help — The Verbal User Guide uses spoken and displayed help prompts to help everyone from the administrator down to the end user. Help is available at the touch of a button even while on a live call just by pressing the PROG/HELP key.
  • Esi-Dex Speed-Dialing — You could call any number from three separate lists (personal, station and system). What made this interesting was the ability to add to the list via Caller ID information or by entries directly from the keypad.
  • Live Call Recording — This was cool you could record any conversation or even a personal memo. You could even make a Quick Group and record one message in to multiple mailboxes.
  • 16 built-in voice mail ports — These are in addition to the 128 possible call processing ports.
  • Superior voice quality — A voice-sampling rate of 64-kilobit per second. It really makes a difference.
  • Message Recycle Bin (undelete) — Remembers, and can restore, each mailbox’s 10 most recently deleted messages.
  • TAPI support Uses your PC and your telephone as a team – Provided through a standard DB9 serial interface on the TAPI version of the ESI DP1 Digital Feature Phone.The IVX 128 and 128 Plus phone system models support Basic Telephony Service integration to Contact Management software standard packages such as: Act!, Goldmine and Microsoft Outlook.
  • Plus a whole lot more.


During this time ESI also developed the small business system called the ESI IVX 20 and 20 Plus. Turn to my next blog entry for the update.



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