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ESI Telephone Systems: IVX 20 and 20 Plus

System and Phone


The ESI IVX 20 Plus phone system is a legacy digital phone system from the Texas based manufacturer Estech Systems, Inc. or ESI, as they are better known.


It was built for small businesses. The IVX 20 Plus provides companies with an affordable way to hook up several phones in an office. ESI IVX DP1 16 button display speakerphones are the only phones compatible with the IVX 20 Plus. The DP1 still works on every system ESI has ever produced. Its biggest drawback was its separate Park and Hold keys.


ESI Communication’s IVX 20 Plus is the perfect phone system for any small business looking for an affordable, feature packed phone system. The 20 Plus includes a robust flash drive voicemail system capable for as many as 6 ports and 30 hours of voicemail message storage. ESI has always been a big bang for the buck.


ESI IVX 20 Plus Features Include Some of the Following:


  • Enhanced Caller ID – Caller Id is captured and displayed with every voicemail recording. If Caller Id was sent we capture it.
  • Background announce – Privately hear intercom messages while talking to outside callers.
  • Quick Move – Press a DSS key during live recording to move the message automatically to any user’s mailbox.
  • Virtual Mailbox Key – A programmable DSS/BLF function key programmed to allow visual and one-touch access to another user’s mailbox.
  • Quick Groups – Simplifies leaving a voice mail message for more than one extension, a group. Just press the VOICE-MAIL key then press as many station keys as you wish.
  • Off-premises reach-me – Allows a caller to bounce from your office voicemail box and try you on your user programmed Off-Premises Reach-Me phone number. Cell or home phone, whatever you tell it to do. If you don’t answer we have several options.
  • Off-premises message delivery – New message notification to a cell phone or home phone. This lets you decide when and if you are going to return that call.


Last but never least is ESI’s full integration – With an IVX system, just one compact cabinet does what other systems must add together multiple boxes to do. This makes installation and maintenance, just like using IVX itself, much simpler.


ESI’s tag line has always been “Easy To Use Easy To Choose.” That could not be anymore accurate. As we move to the next ESI offering you will see how true that statement is.


Right around the early 2000’s we began selling the S-Class, E-Class, X-Class as well as the C-Class. The C-Class is still available today. They call it the C-Class Executive. It’s interesting to note that they were the S, E and X Class phone systems. It’s not what you think it had to do with Mercedes cars.


Look for the next edition in this series. The Mercedes of phone systems, the ESI / IVX S-Class Generation II (56s).


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