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IVX S-Class, E-Class and X-Class Generation II

IVX E-Class Digital Phone System
The Complete Family of ESI/IVX S, E and X-Class Systems And Phones


Loaded with advanced capabilities yet amazingly easy to use, ESI’s patented E-Class All-In-One Phone Systems give your business the power to present your most professional side to your customers.


Big capacities and Bigger Features


IVX E-Class Generation II (IVX 128e and IVX 72e), supports up to 66 phone stations, up to 84 stations, and up to 28 analog ports (66 × 84 × 28).


Just a few of the “Big” improvements to the IVX E-Class Generation II include:


  • Shared-office tenanting – This new feature of the IVX E-Class II is ideal when two businesses share one location where a single person answers all call.
  • Integrated headset jack – The highly popular 48-Key Feature Phone now is even better, with the addition of an integrated standard headset jack that accepts most headset brands. Plantronics though is recommended.
  • Caller ID data to analog ports – Lets non-ESI analog devices on the system take advantage of Caller ID. Caller ID with Call Waiting though is not currently supported.
  • Three-character dial-by-name – Allows one to search through the auto attendant directory and all Esi-Dex (speed-dial) directories by just dialing the first three characters of the desired name.
  • Privacy release – Really easy conference calling. This feature, when turned on, let’s any phone enter a simulated “conference” call with any call in-progress simply by pressing a programmed CO Line key for that call in progress.
  • Optional VoIP capabilities – Optional port cards gives the IVX E-Class the ability to use VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol) as a way to enhance business communications. The system supports the ESI IP Feature Phone enabling a true network based IP office environment. VoIP is ideal for offices with fresh Cat 5e cabling, at minimum. There is also an improvement in the ESI Remote IP Feature Phones. Programming and reliability have been greatly improved. For multi-site applications, ESI and  Esi-Link lets up to 100 phone systems connect as if they were “one big system.”


All-Comm Northwest has installed numerous of these E-Class systems over the years and even one X-Class at Service Master of Seattle. Any parts for Adds, Moves and Changes, or MAC’s an industry term, are still widely available. Use caution here when buying over the Internet. That’s all I have to say about that.


If you have an older ESI system, like any of the S, E or X-Class systems give All-Comm Northwest a call at 253.939.2579 and ask for Rick Dubé. Or fill out the below from and someone will be right with you. Thanks for reading and look forward to the next installation of this blog the awesome Communications Servers. They are all the same, except the 50L, which is small but very powerful and packed with productive new features.