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IVX S-Class, E-Class and X-Class Generation II

IVX E-Class Digital Phone System

The Complete Family of ESI/IVX S, E and X-Class Systems And Phones   Loaded with advanced capabilities yet amazingly easy to use, ESI’s patented E-Class All-In-One Phone Systems give your business the power to present your most professional side to your customers.   Big capacities and Bigger Features   IVX E-Class Generation II (IVX 128e […]

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ESI Telephone Systems: IVX 20 and 20 Plus

  The ESI IVX 20 Plus phone system is a legacy digital phone system from the Texas based manufacturer Estech Systems, Inc. or ESI, as they are better known.   It was built for small businesses. The IVX 20 Plus provides companies with an affordable way to hook up several phones in an office. ESI […]

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ESI Telephone Systems: “IVX 128 and 128 Plus”

ESI. IVX, DP1, EKT-A, IVX 20, IVX 20 Plus, 128, 128 Plus

A few years later the IVX 128 came out. This was an expandable system that could go to 128 voice processing ports. The IVX 128 expanded from its basic six-line, twelve-station configuration. By adding an additional four cards you could handle as many as 66 CO lines and 84 Digital and or Analog stations. Keep […]

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