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ESI / IVX S-Class All-In-One Phone System

The ESI S-Class Generation II (IVX 56s)   IVX S-Class Generation II (IVX 56s) is a third (33%) larger than its predecessor the IVX S-Class (IVX 42s). This was made possible by the addition of a fourth card. Read on and call us at All-Comm for a quote.   The IVX S-Class (IVX 56s) capacities […]

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ESI Telephone Systems: “IVX 128 and 128 Plus”

ESI. IVX, DP1, EKT-A, IVX 20, IVX 20 Plus, 128, 128 Plus

A few years later the IVX 128 came out. This was an expandable system that could go to 128 voice processing ports. The IVX 128 expanded from its basic six-line, twelve-station configuration. By adding an additional four cards you could handle as many as 66 CO lines and 84 Digital and or Analog stations. Keep […]

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